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As Head Chef at the Parkway Diner, it is my great pleasure to welcome you and your family. 

For 40 years I’ve been proud to lead a small but talented team, dedicated to providing you with a memorable dining experience.  In our time our diner has been fortunate to play host to Billy Joel and is reputedly the inspiration for “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”.

We know that great food starts with great ingredients, and we aim to offer the best in the New Jersey’s Diner tradition.  Our menu has all the diner classics, plus select dishes, chosen to make your experience memorable and most of all, tasty.  We serve home-made Greek, Mexican and Italian dishes, all types of Grill fare, specialty sautee dishes, home made pastries and a variety of fresh and original soups and healthy menu items.

A bottle of white?  A bottle of red? Perhaps a bottle of Rose instead? We have a carefully-chosen wine list to complement your meal.
We look forward to serving you and your family in the finest New Jersey Diner tradition. 

Vincent Polisi
Main Chef

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